What is IURPA (International Utilities Revenue Protection Association)?

IURPA is a worldwide organization of professionals, employed by electric and natural gas utilities, dedicated to identify, investigate, remediate, and recover lost revenues due to theft or fraud from their respective utilities.

Who should join IURPA?

Utility professionals assigned to metering, credit & collections, or legal departments.

Why should I join IURPA?

Your membership in IURPA provides you with unprecedented access to other industry professionals for networking and information sharing. We provide a mechanism to share experiences and solutions from other utilities experiencing the same theft or fraud situations. We can connect you with other professionals to identify and share best practices at other companies. Check https://acds.org.au/.

Does IURPA provide training?

IURPA can connect you with certified Revenue Protection experts to assist you in your training needs.

Does IURPA hold conferences?

The United States is divided into regions, each with a regional association. IURPA is the umbrella agency unifying the regions. Each regional group conducts an annual conference at various different times of the year. These conferences are uniquely different, and provide training to specific revenue protection issues. You do not have to be a member of the specific regional group to attend, but must be actively employed by a utility. Due to the nature of the training and information provided, they are not open to the public.

Each year, IURPA holds a joint—international based — conference with one of the regional groups on a rotating basis.

I’m a vendor of security equipment for the utility industry. Can I join?

Absolutely. Our vendor members are an integral part of our association. We provide opportunities for our vendor members to display their products and services at our regional and international conferences.

I work at a utility, and I’ve identified a method to steal electricity or natural gas that I’ve never seen before. Can IURPA help?

Absolutely. Active members can issue a query to the membership via our website. This inquiry will be electronically forwarded to the membership for their review. One of our members may be familiar with this type of theft, and will be able to directly respond to you with information and/or strategies to combat the situation.

What are the annual dues?

Dues are $75.00US. Registration and payments can be completed on the website. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard and Visa.